About Us

SMIC Engineering Company was established in 2017, it is now a leading Chadian company specialized in providing world class services in the areas of Calibration, Hydro testing, Tank Cleaning, Camp Services, Vector Control, Construction, Industrial Maintenance, Training, SHE Consulting to major international companies operating in Chad.

We are committed to providing Products & Services that meet or exceed our customer’s expectations”. Our commitment to maintain the latest standards of excellence and our partnership approach to our clients and stakeholders constantly drive us to improve”.

Our Engineers, Technicians and Instructors are trained to international standards. Each has been selected keeping their competence, qualifications, experience and aptitude in mind.

We are highly equip to perform all the service adequately in an approved manner.

We are working for some leading companies in the Chad: ESSO, TOTCO, GREF, BGP, RJM, Oilibya, SPP, UNICEF, SENEV, Star Oilfield, CNPS and the French Army